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10 Essential Tips for new Parents: Keeping Your Baby Healthy

Your little bundle of joy brings with it, well, lots of joy and lots of happiness. It’s the miracle of life, and you’re now a parent to a lovely boy or girl who will be your center of attention for the foreseeable future. And although elated new parents might not realise this, but here’s two important things that you need to remember: it might get a little hairy and stressful during times, and the important thing to remember is to not be what is called ‘the helicopter parent’. Understand that it is an entirely natural process, and however frail and helpless you might think the baby is, it will all be easy, and you will look at that specific period of time with fond memories. With these relaxing and soothing tones, let’s ease into the top ten essential baby health tips that ought to help you through this scary and equally joyful process. 

While these tips are more related to the baby’s health and aren’t generalised, one important thing to know is that stress will be present, and it is entirely natural. After all, for first-time parents, it is the first time that you are entirely responsible for the health, safety and well-being of a human being, and while this can be too much responsibility for some people, there is a good saying that ‘it all comes naturally’. And so, with parenthood, you can expect an almost primal instinct to kick in, which means that if you think you aren’t ready for taking care of and raising an entire human being, pretty soon you will be very good at it. And with that, let’s get into the top ten baby health tips that will help you extensively through this wonderful journey. 

Top Ten Baby Health Tips

Whether it's feeding or changing diapers, the demands of raising a child can be overwhelming, but these top baby health tips can help. Let's get started right away. 

Feeding the baby

Breastfeeding the baby is imperative, and while you might be tempted after the passage of a certain amount of time to switch to baby formulas and other high-nutrition solutions, it's best to stick to the natural and most effective solution of supplementing the baby. This is because while breast milk has other benefits, it is also very high in proteins, fats and other vital nutrients that a baby requires to grow up healthy. In the same vein, while a baby’s immune system doesn’t develop in the first few months, they share the immune system with their mother through this breast milk, which is why breastfeeding the baby is crucial for healthy growth and development. And finally, understand that while at first you might have many breastfeeding sessions, as time passes, the baby will require fewer such sessions.

Holding the baby

Many first-time parents may fuss over the holding of the baby, but really the only body parts that you need to be careful with are the neck and the head. Since their neck muscles aren’t developed and will take a long time to do so, you will need to support the neck and the head everytime you pick the little tyke up, and this is extremely important. When picking up your baby, cradle the head in such a way that you also support the neck, and while resting it on your shoulder, always have the head on your shoulder and keep your hand on the neck and head area to help support the baby. Also make sure to avoid any jerky movements while holding the baby and make sure the head and neck are always well-braced. 

Understanding why your baby is crying

Obviously a newborn baby doesn’t know how to speak, or even communicate in any other way besides crying. Whether they’re hungry, need a change or are sleepy or cranky, crying is the only way they’ll let you know that they aren’t pleased with the current arrangement. And so, expect lots of crying, at the most inconvenient of times too, and whether they have a blocked nose or are just uncomfortable, you need to quickly understand what situation they’re in and rapidly move to soothe and comfort them. Feed them, clean them, but should you notice incessant crying or bawling from your newborn, you should also know when to take them to a paediatric hospital or clinic to ensure that everything is okay with your baby. 

Ensuring proper, comfortable clothing

Whether it's winter or summer, baby’s bodies aren’t able to regulate their body temperature as easily as us grown ups. Which is why, besides physical contact and body warmth, your only other option is cosy, proper and comfortable clothing. And while the temptation to dress your little one up in cute dresses and costumes might be high, you need to understand that comfort and protection come first, and so, that cute strawberry or bumblebee dress might have to wait. 

Choosing baby care products

Try to choose natural and organic baby care products that both supplement and nourish the baby, rather than going all synthetic and chemical. Whether its baby oils, baby wash, creams, supplements and other products like powders or petroleum jelly, we recommend using natural and organic products whenever possible and make sure you have the highest quality possible, like products from L’Amie de la sante, which boast organic compounds and the highest quality to ensure a healthy upbringing for your baby. 

Bathing your baby

Some people might find it hard to believe, but babies do not require baths daily, especially if it's winter and it gets extremely cold outside. Even if you have great indoor ventilation and the water can be cosily hot, it isn’t recommended. What can be done, however, is gently washing the face, neck, and other limbs or extremities every now and then. And while the genitals and the baby’s bum can be dealt with wet wipes, proper baths can be substituted for sponge baths that help the baby relax and properly clean at the same time. 

Changing the baby (diapers)

Changing the diaper is something that is emblematic of motherhood and taking care of a baby. Always ensure that you have the best quality of diapers available, plenty of soft wipes as well as a station in your house to deal with any emergencies that will definitely pop up from time to time. Don’t resort to harsh chemicals for wet wipes, and instead, try to keep it as simple as you can. 

Sleep schedule

Babies will sleep a lot during their initial days, and you do not need to fret if they sleep for hours at a time. Sleep is crucial for their proper development, and helping them sleep by providing a comfortable and conducive environment can be great. Sing them lullabies, keep the lights dim and just give them room and time to sleep. First-time parents have been seen fretting a lot over excessive sleep; it's natural and best for the baby. 

Massaging the baby

From bonding to relaxing, massaging is imperative for babies. Try to use natural and organic baby oils to massage your baby lightly, focusing on the limbs and body extremities. By massaging, not only will you help them relax, but you will also be able to better regulate their sleeping pattern. 

Bonding with the baby

Finally, bonding with the baby is also important. From talking and skin-to-skin contact, cradle the baby in your arms and massage it every now and then. It will help them become familiar with you.

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